Aspire White Laser Teeth Whitening

1 hour laser teeth whitening with Aspire White in the comfort of your own home.

Amazing results every time!

Do You
Want Whiter Teeth?

Aspire White offer 60 minute laser treatment that lasts for up to 2 years Pain free whitening for that Hollywood smile!

Great Results

We love happy customers so we show you on the shade guide where we would expect you to finish. You are in control of how white you want your teeth so no unexpected surprises. Only whiter teeth you will be proud to smile and show to friends and family.

Long Lasting Results

Aspire White’s laser teeth whitening system is long lasting because it works in the first place! Our one treatment whitening will typically last up to two yeasrs in total. We advise you on aftercare for your results to last as long as possible.

Pain free Treatment

Whitening is pain-free for two reasons. Firstly we don’t use peroxide so the treatment is safe and secondly we apply a de-sensitizer before the treatment. Everybody wants whiter teeth without the hassle and pain of sensitive teeth and this is what we offer every time.

Safe effective

Getting a whiter smile has never been so easy with Aspire White. We come to you and offer a fast, guaranteed whitening solution that is extremely safe and effective. Our laser whitening is non-evasive and is safe no matter your age. Call us today!

Aspire White Mobile Whitening For Maximum Convenience

Everyone wants a brighter smile. What if there was an option where the whitening comes to you instead?

Well here it is! Aspire White Mobile teeth whitening in the UK.

Smiling is an important part of any first meeting. If you are looking for a job and flash a bright, attractive smile, chances are, you have already created a lasting first impression in your favour.

Teeth whitening at
your convenience

You get to book an appointment depending on your schedule; day time, weekends and evenings are available. It allows you to select the day you know you will be at home hence you do not have to juggle your family, social and work life  as we offer convenient appointments to suit you.

feel safer

Dentists usually have disconcerting air like something bad is about to happen.

In the comfort of your home, you get to relax since it is an environment you are used to, you can even watch the T.V during the whitening.

Teeth whitening takes
some time

Imagine having to stay in a dentists office for one to two hours. That’s not comfortable at all.

At home, you will be in no hurry to finish meaning that you get to enjoy the best results.

aspire white
Why Laser Whitening Offers The Best Solution

60 minutes treatment giving you instant results

Guaranteed RESULTS up to 12 shades lighter and whiter

Powerful whitening system developed in the US now in the UK

Treatment will be by trained specialists only

Aspire White only specialise in laser teeth whitening

We do not up sell and there are no hidden fees. Prices advertised price you pay

Results of our whitening should last up to 2 years

We show you in consultation process how white the teeth will change

Pain free whitening.

Get that Hollywood smile today!

The Best Solution Is Laser Whitening

These are quite common and are basically a tray resembling a mouth guard containing whitening gel applied manually before wearing the tray.

They can be purchased from a dentist. You only have to wear it for a few hours each day every day for about a month to experience any noticeable results. It is typical to recommended by the dentists that you sleep in the trays every night.

Many people invest in the trays but rarely see the course through to the end due to sleep deprivation or sensitivity building up.

When compared to laser treatment that only takes a maximum of two hours, it is a very slow method.

Apart from the regular toothpaste that mainly cleans the teeth, there are specially formulated toothpaste which specifically seeks to whiten the teeth.

This has to be the most common method as it is relatively cheap and requires no supervision.

It is however quite slow to compare to laser treatment and the results are not as dramatic. Teeth can only get a shade lighter. Mouth rinses with whitening effect work like regular mouthwashes and also give you that fresh breath and make your teeth stronger.

For the deeper stains, there is nothing much this method can do for your teeth. Still no comparison to the laser method.

A common method that works with a clear strip containing hydrogen peroxide that is placed on the teeth for about 30 minutes twice each day.

The strips can be obtained online and they are quite affordable. This method needs to be used continuously for 2 weeks.

The downside can be high levels of tooth sensitivity as you are exposing the teeth to a peroxide for a prolonged period of time.

The frequency of usage required for the strips means many people will give up and therefore laser whitening that offers instant results is a better option.

Home kits and Whitening gels: These work almost the same way as the whitening strips.

The only difference is you have to manually apply the gel across the rubber tray and then place in the mouth each day for two weeks continuously.

After a few minutes, the mouth will salivate and this can cause gagging.

The dilution due to saliva also decreases the effectiveness at this point so many people give up on this option because it’s messy and uncomfortable.

With laser whitening its safe, no mess and results are guaranteed.

What White Teeth Can Give You

Having whiter teeth makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

With the prospect of kissing in the picture, honestly, who would you rather kiss? The girl/guy with stained teeth or one with white teeth?

To our potential sexual partners, white teeth give the impression that we are not only cute but also are health conscious.

Therefore, before going for a date with that person who you thought will never ask, why not increase your chances by taking one hour off to get your teeth whitened?

Even if you are already employed, constantly giving people a stained –teeth smile will not get you that promotion you have been eyeing for years.

You might be perfect for the job but interviewers see a yellow dirty smile.

What does that say about you?

A lovely white smile sells so why wait and get your smile and see the new business opportunities open up for you.

It is human nature to be conscious of self image and yellow teeth are a contributor to low self-esteem among many. Nobody likes being perceived as unhygienic or unattractive just because of stained teeth. It is true, however; sparkling teeth have the capability of transforming your smile.

Whether it’s your birthday party, graduation or even your wedding, you cannot afford to look anything short of perfect. Where you are the centre of attention, more likely than not you will or should be smiling. You want people to think, “Wow, nice smile” not “Please do not…Oh, there it is. The hideous smile”. Do yourself and your loved ones a favour, give them genuine reasons to flatter you.