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Questions Most Commonly Asked

When you are seeking a clinician for Laser Teeth Whitening you need the best possible service.

A proficient laser teeth whitening company like Aspire White with years of experience to provide excellent treatment and obviously  brighter whiter teeth with a follow up service.

Usually the results can last up to two years however this does range from individual to individual and how they look after their teeth.

Teeth whitening combined with good dental hygiene will significantly improve the life span of your new splendid white teeth.

The whitening treatment will take around one hour. Consultation prior to treatment and again after take a further 30 minutes so we encourage to leave around 1.5 hours for your treatment.

The treatment is painless. You may encounter some slight sensitivity after the treatment for a couple of hours.

I have not been to my dental practitioner for some time would I be able to still have the treatment?

Numerous clients either dislike going by their dental practitioner or hold up until they have an issue.

The best guidance is to see the dental specialist regularly.

As long as you have no known issues with the teeth or gums then you can have the teeth whitened.

After the introductory session, it costs £139 and we suggest having the re-treatment each 18-24 months to maintain your brilliant smile!

Questions Answered By Aspire White


Yes, it will nor harm the teeth or gums.

Using a decent quality electric tooth brush is an unquestionable requirement for good oral health.

Look at for some advice on the subject.

Additionally flossing and seeing your dentist regularly will keep the teeth brighter and in good health for longer.

Each geographical area is different but  we do have cancellations which we offer at short notice and sometimes at a reduced price.

Please refer to our costs page where we have monthly offers

Nobody ought to get abnormal amounts of sensitivity to laser tooth whitening. We apply a gel before the whitening treatment which reduces the possibilities of sensitive teeth by in excess of 60%

We are adding new locations all the time and these details are the Aspire Whitening site.

In the event that your area is not mentioned please contact us.

The entire service takes 90 minutes altogether.

You must be 18 years or over to have your teeth whitened.

We can whiten anybody’s teeth so yes the results are guaranteed.

The results by and large are from between 4-12 shades lighter.

On the shade guide before the treatment and we even demonstrate to you where you are and where you ought to end up so you can picture how white the teeth will look.

Each Aspire client gains a brighter smile, guaranteed!

In the event that you have a cap/crown, it will just lighten it back to it’s original colour. 

Seeing the hygienist before the treatment may cause tooth sensitivity around your teeth and gums.

You ought to however visit your dental specialist normally still as whiter teeth are in no way, shape or form a substitute for good dental and oral wellbeing.

Having your teeth laser whitening will be useless in the event that you are not making the right moves to keep up the health of your teeth.

Everybody ought to brush their teeth no less than twice each day and additionally floss daily.

Any food that gets stuck between your teeth may cause you some tooth rot.

In the event that you like to drink acidic fizzy beverages make certain to drink water straight after.

The corrosiveness of pop does terrible things to your teeth. Also teach these habits to your kidsfrom a young age.

Teach them how important their dental wellbeing is.

If you are epileptic, pregnant or breast feeding you are suitable for laser teeth whitening.

We offer a fast, efficient and guaranteed service at a great price.

Aspire White your local laser teeth whitening experts offering amazing one hour whitening in the comfort of your home, yes we come you to you. Laser teeth whitening has never so easy or simple with expert instant results.