10 Food Items Best for Teeth

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10 Food Items Best for Teeth

Teeth are a  part of your body which says how healthy you are. People are advised to take much care on oral hygiene so that you can keep the gums and teeth healthy and also in good form. It is very common for you to come across those food items that you should not eat as they can harm your teeth or oral hygiene as it is. There are many such food items which can help in improving the health of your teeth so that there is no need for you to worry much about the health of it. There are quite a lot of food items which can help you in making your teeth healthy. Check out our teeth whitening monthly promotion.

Green Tea

Green tea is the food which has got polyphenol in it which can easily reduce plaque and also can reduce gum disease as well as cavities. Tea can reduce bad breath. Tooth enamel can also be strengthened by it as it has got fluoride in it which is much useful for making the teeth stay much healthy.

Yoghurt and Milk

Yoghurt and milk can be regarded as the best food items for improving the health of the teeth as it comes with very less acidity. They are also much lower in decaying the sugar. Milk also has got a good amount of calcium in it which is a major component necessary for teeth.


Cheese comes with a good amount of phosphate and also calcium. It can help in balancing pH in the mouth, rebuilding the enamel and also preserving it. It can even help in the production of saliva as well as can kill bacteria that result in cavities.

Fruits with Vitamin C

There are so many fruits with Vitamin C in them which include kiwis, strawberries and apples. This is the vitamin which can be regarded as an element that easily holds the cells. If you are neglecting this vitamin then it can lead to breaking down of gum cells, make the gums tender and can lead to ailments.


Broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkins come with Vitamin that is helpful in the tooth enamel formation. Crunchy veggies can clean the gums too.


Onion comes with antibacterial sulfur compounds. Tests clearly state that onions can easily hill the various kinds of bacteria when you are eating that raw.


Celery can easily protect teeth with the saliva production which can help in neutralizing bacteria which may lead to cavities. It can even help in massaging gums and teeth.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds can help in reducing the formation of plaque as well as in building the enamel.

Eggs and Meat

It is good for you to consider eggs, the meat of turkey, chicken and also beef which comes with phosphorous and calcium that your teeth needs


Water is that item which you should not miss as it can clean mouth as well as can produce saliva which deposits the minerals needed by teeth. It can help in keeping teeth hydrated and also can wash away the particles on teeth.

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