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Whiter teeth offer you a gleaming smile which makes a better impression of your health, vitality and energy.

Today, there are many products in the market that promises you the results within a very short time.

But going for a laser whitening process is much better. Here are the reasons why you should go for this service.

Northamptonshire Aspire White

The laser process involves a stronger whitening solution than what you can get over the counter.

The process also involves light and heat combination which intensifies the lightning effects and also speeds up the whitening process.

Furthermore, tailor-made trays are used to apply the whitening gel to the patient’s mouth, therefore reducing gum irritation and gel leakage.

This means that the treatment is more effective than any at-home solution. Possibly, your teeth can become more than 10 shades brighter after the first office visit.

Laser teeth whitening process is safe, even though it involves a stronger solution. Whitening systems like a buffer on the gel properly protects your teeth from any damages.

Furthermore, due to the use of de-sensitizers, the procedure is usually painless. And since there will a clinician with you throughout the process, any issues arising will be dealt with immedaitely.

To remove any stain caused by tobacco smoking, food consumption or age, you will be examined; then your teeth will be cleaned to clear away any debris and plaque between and on the teeth.

A cheek retractor may also be used to properly expose your teeth. The person doing the teeth whitening may also use a rubber dam to prevent teeth irritation.

The process is pain-free because it doesn’t involve any peroxide. And this makes the process even safer.

In addition, Aspire teeth whitening Birmingham applies de-sensitizers before starting any treatment.

Their processes suit any person who needs whiter teeth and without going through any hassle.

After placement of a rubber dam to protect your gums, a whitening product will be painted on your teeth. To activate the chemical, a laser or light is shone on your teeth.

The light or laser speeds up the whitening process and therefore, you will realize the results within a very short time. The process makes teeth five or six shades whiter within the first office visit.

Once the whitening process is complete, a fluoride treatment is used on your teeth. This strengths them and also leaves a shiny shimmer in its awakening.

Aspire Laser teeth whitening Birmingham is at the top in terms of costs although it is made up by its speed and convenience.

Just like other teeth whitening processes, the results of laser teeth whitening will last depending on how you care for your teeth after the attainment of an optimal colour.

You should avoid the top five tooth tarnish culprits which include blueberries, tea, coffee and soda.

You should avoid this within the first week after the whitening. After the whitening, you will also get a tray to use in maintaining the whiter colour.

Laser teeth whitening is a great way of lightening your teeth. Its results are beautiful and time investment is minimal. The teeth whitening process was developed in response to patients complaints that the traditional whitening was too painful. 


Aspire White your local laser teeth whitening experts offering amazing one hour whitening in the comfort of your home, yes we come you to you. Laser teeth whitening has never so easy or simple with expert instant results.